How long are you going to support version 2?

We plan on supporting version 2 with critical bug fixes until December 31 2018.

Does my current license cover upgrading to version 3?

As long as your license is valid by the time version 3 is officially released, then yes it does.

Will it cost me more?

No, version 3 will be the same price.

Will version 3 remain open source?

No, with version 3, we decided to go to a closed source system. One of the main reasons it was open sourced was to get contributions from the community. In the 3+ years SweetBlue has been on github, we only received a few pull requests.

What's the meaning of life?


Will version 3 still support Android 4.3 & 4.4?


What's changed in version 3?

You can see the major changes here.

Why aren't I seeing all device state changes?

To cut down on thread switching, version 3 has an option called defaultDeviceStates in BleDeviceConfig. This dictates which states will fire the DeviceStateListener. By default, it will only fire when CONNECTED, CONNECTING, DISCONNECTED, BONDED, UNBONDED, and BONDING change.