Do you have a technical FAQ? This stuff is too general.


What open-source license is SweetBlue released under?

With the release of version 3, SweetBlue is no longer open-source. Version 2 will be left here, however it will only receive critical updates until 12/31/2018.

What Android devices do you support?

In theory SweetBlue should work on any device with OS version 4.3 and up. In practice, many devices implement BLE rather poorly and inconsistently, and at the far end of the spectrum you have devices where BLE just does not work well at all depending on the peripheral you're interacting with. For a list of devices we have personally tested and approved see Tested Devices. Other than that, there are so many variables involved that you really just have to test it yourself if you want to be sure.

How do you release new versions?

We use the popular Semantic Versioning scheme and release any new version that you would care about here. If you have purchased a proprietary license then we will e-mail you (if opted in) whenever a new release is available. We strive to keep the master branch stable but keeping up with the latest commits isn't necessary. The API docs will always reflect the latest commit in master.

Why the name "Sweet Blue"?

It's a play on Android's convention of naming OS releases after sweet foods. Oh, and every other possible play on Bluetooth and Android related words was already taken by other companies or open source projects.

How can I contribute?

It's impossible to test against every combination of Android phone, OS version, BLE hardware/firmware, etc., so flushing out those fringe cases that we haven't found yet is very helpful. If you've found a bug in the underlying stack that SweetBlue isn't accounting for (or of course a bug in SweetBlue itself) please post an issue on our forums. We are open to working with you to ship actual hardware back and forth or purchase it if necessary.

How do I report bugs or request features?

Please post on our forum, and/or e-mail us at

I have a question not covered here.

Post a question on our Q&A forum, or you may e-mail as well.